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Congratulations on your decision to be the solution that is happening across America. American's, since the beginning of our history, unite under a common purpose. Freedom. Our Freedom of choice.

With the power of the Internet as well as the upheaval in our economy, our clients demand to be in the know. They not only want you to show solutions with strategies but also want you to back those solution and strategies with facts that are accurate and compliant.

We bring the Software Solution to you as a platform to build with. As you assist American's in building a future you are also assisting them in keeping their money safe as well as providing peace of mind by protecting their hard earned dollars today and into the future.

"One Stop for Life®" Software Solutions is built by 1000s of client experiences over the past 10 years. Today, people want to understand and choose the best plan and the best team of professionals to protect, prevent and provide for them and their families needs.


The simplicity of Software Solutions elevates your professionalism and the perception your clients have of you as you consistently and accurately focus on planning and building solutions. Your "One Stop for Life®" software proves out when your client could run out of money before they run out of life.


Now you are empowered with the tools to show, teach and guide your clients to new choices and new strategies that are seldom understood. This is accomplished through the 'what if' game. Software Solutions provides you with facts and logical conclusions that support your clients' decision to move forward with the plan.

It has been said that less than 23% of American families have a plan for their future. This includes college funding as well as retirement. Why? Because people have not been taught how to plan, how to make future decisions and most of all, how money works.

"One Stop for Life®" is a masterful and influential engine that drives the logic of the plan. You will experience a simple and empowering tool that takes your career to the next level of competence and confidence as well as income.

Thank you for being a part of the SOLUTION for America.


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Licensed Software Solutions is a one of a kind unique program. Your company has the option to custom design and brand your solution. This allows clients to tailor their plan to explain the hows and whys.


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The Sales Solution System has been perfected over the past 8 years with live "feet to the street" experience. The retention as well as the closing ratios are one of the highest in the industry. The unique system is used throughout the USA through Green Vision Technology and Webinars.


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Through consulting as well as live online training for agents and advisors, the system uses are vast and sustainable by those who practice the principles taught throughout our training series. With online recorded training or private consultations, you'll be in the know on how the software and system work synergistically.